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Stele of "Chunhua ge fa tie", (Model-Letter Compendia of the Chunhua reign)-- 8th. volume: 3rd. volume of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy models ; Ge tie ; Guan tie ; Chunhua ge tie ; Chun hua fa tie ; Chunhua ge mi ge tie ; Chunhua mi ge fa tie ; Su wang fu ben Chunhua ge fa tie ; Lanzhou Chunhua ge tie ; Ming ta su fu ben ; Xi'an ben ; Guan zhong ben ; Guan fa tie ; Chunhua ge fa tie di ba (Wang Xizhi)

Wang Xizhi, 321-379, Chinese, creator, calligrapher
Creation Date:
19 th. century?
Rubbings from stele of "Chunhua ge fa tie", (Model-Letter Compendia of the Chunhua reign). Inscriptions of the 8th. volume of Chunhuage tie: Wang Xizhi shu san (3rd. volume of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy models). Copied and engraved by Fei Jiazhu in 3rd. yr. of Shunzhi, Qing Dynasty (1646). 46 calligraphy models in 20 pages of rubbings: (Numbering from Junka kakucho, 1980) Wang Xizhi (Wang Yishao / Wang Youjun, 321-379 or 303-379): 46 Model-Letter in cao shu: 299. Xiao da xi tie. 300. Bu shen ding he ri tie. 301. Qing he tie. 302. Yun min tie. 303. Ba ri tie. 304. Xing li ren tie. 305. Zhuan jia tie. 306. Da re tie. 307. Zhou chang shi tie. 308. Wu wei bian bian tie. 309. De xi wen tie. 310. Zhong lang ru tie. 311. Fa nue tie. 312. Zhong bu cha tie. 313. Zu xia ge ru chang tie. 314. Xian nai mei tie. 315. Lang du tie. 316. Ye lai fu tong tie. 317. An xi tie. 318. Kuo zhuan jiu tie. 319. Dong zhong gan huai tie. 320. Qiong zhu zhang tie. 321. Bu de zhi shou tie. 322. Ruan lang tie. 323. Yue mo tie. 324. Zheng shi tie. 325. Bu de xi wen tie. 326. Qiu ling zhai yuan tie. 327. Xie sheng zai shan tie. 328. Bu shen bi chu tie. 329. Fei bai bu neng nai jia tie. 330. Zuo qian shu tie. 331. Cai ju tie. 332. Zeng kai tie. 333. You wei tie. 334. Yue ban tie. 335. Du zuo tie. 336. An xi tie. 337. Ru xiong zi tie. 338. Huang gan tie. 339. Zun fu ren tie. 340. Ri wu qi tie. 341. Yu kuai tie. 342. Qu qing ru xu tie. 343. Shi yu qian shu tie. 344. Ci jun tie.
26.5 x 35 cm
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Xi'an bei lin, Xi'an Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
stele (archaeology)
models (representations)
wood blocks
copies (derivative objects)
Style Period:
Ming Dynasty
Northern Song (960-1127)
Eastern Jin
Citation/references: Xi'an bei lin quan ji, 1999, Case No. 4, v. 36-42, p. 3491-4067 (Chunhua ge tie) (full rubbing and all sections). ; Zhongguo fa tie quan ji, 2002, v. 1, p. 1-28; v. 17, p. 147 (Chunhua mi ge fa tie). ; Xi'an bei lin, 1963. p. 32. ; Xi'an bei lin shi, 1998, p. 238; p. 280. ; Shannxi gu dai shi ke yi shu, 1995, p. 209 (Chunhua ge mi ge tie). ; Zhongguo shu fa quan ji, 1991, v. 18, v. 19: San guo liang Jin nan bei chao: Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi. ; Zhongguo mei shu jia ren ming ci dian, 1981, p. 116 (Wang Zhu); p. 139 (Wang Xizhi). ; Zhonghua shu xue da ci dian, 2000, p. 591 (Chunhua ge tie); p. 135 (Wang Xizhi).
General note: Script style: cao shu. ; Rubbing from stele of Chunhua Ge Tie - a collection of calligraphic works in Northern Song Dynasty, Shunzhi edition (in 143 stelae). It consists of 420 calligraphic works by 103 calligraphers of various ancient Chinese dynasties. Stele is copied and engraved by Fei Jiazhu in 3rd. yr. of Shunzhi, Qing Dynasty (1646). ; This version (1646) is a reproduction of "Su wang fu ben Chun hua ge fa tie", also called "Lanzhou Chunhua ge tie", engraved by Wen Bojian under Zhu Shenyao's (Ming royal member) commission in 43rd. yr. of Wanli, Ming Dynasty (1615). ; "Chunhua Ge Tie", "Model-Letter Compendia of the Chunhua reign", the earliest known calligraphy collection of model letters. Northern Song Emperor Taizong (Zhao Jiong, r. 976-997) assigned an imperial compiler, Wang Zhu (997-1057), to select the imperial collected calligraphy masterpieces from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and engrave them on wooden plates (some recorded: stone) in 3rd. yr. of Chunhua, Northern Song Dynasty (992). 10 volumes. Original wood blocks no longer exist. Various reproductions since Northern Song Dynasty. ; C-154 (26.5 x 35.5 cm; 19 pages) is a duplicate set.
Historical: Stele date: 3rd. yr. of Shunzhi, Qing Dynasty (1646).
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