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Compilation of the papers on physics written by Professor Edward C. Pickering, 1865-1877

Pickering, Edward C. (Edward Charles), 1846-1919, creator
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Cambridge [Mass.]
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1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Books and documents
Description of a machine for drawing with the curves of Lissajous / by Edward C. Pickering -- Dispersion of a ray of light reflected at any number of plane surfaces / by Edward C. Pickering -- Essay on comparitive effiency of spectroscope prisms of different angles / by Edward C. Pickering -- Observations of the corona during the total eclipse, August 7, 1869 / by Edward C. Pickering -- Note on the supposed polarization of the corona / by E.C. Pickering -- On the diffraction produced by the edges of the moon / by Edward C. Pickering -- On the focal length of microscope objectives / by Chas R. Cross. -- The graphical method / by Edward C. Pickering -- Photographing the corona / by Edward C. Pickering -- On dispension, and the posssibility of attaining perfect achromatism / by Edward C. Pickering -- Report on the physical laboratory of the Mass. Institute of Tecnology -- A geometrical solution of some electrical problems / by Edward C. Pickering -- Applications of Fresnel's formula of light / by Edward C. Pickering -- Applications of the graphical method / by Edward C. Pickering -- Graphical integration / by Edward C. Pickering -- Foci of lenses placed obliquely / by E.C. Pickering and Chas H. Williams -- Light transmitted by one or more plates of glass / by W.W. Jacques -- Intensity of twilight / by Charles H. Williams -- Light of the sky / by W.O. Crosby --
Light absorbed by the atmosphere of the sun / by E.C. Pickering and D.P. Strange -- Tests of a magneto-electric machine / by E.C. Pickering and D.P. Strange -- Answer to M. Jamin's objection to Ampère's theory / by William W. Jacques -- An experimental proof of the law of inverse squares for sound / by William W. Jacques -- Diffraction of sound / by William W. Jacques -- Comparison of prismatic and diffraction spectra / by E.C. Pickering -- On the effect of temperature on the viscosity of air / by Silas W. Holmam -- Mountain surveying / by E.C. Pickering -- Height and velocity of clouds / by E.C. Pickering -- A nebula photometer / by E.C. Pickering -- Progress of the physical department of the Mass. Institute of Technology from 1867-1877 -- [Advertisements for] Elements of physical manipulation / by Edward C. Pickering.
"For the convenience of those who may wish to consult my papers on Physics and kindred subjects, I give below a list of the more important ..."--P. [1].
Electronic reproduction. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard College Library Digital Imaging Group, 2008. (Open Collections Program at Harvard University. Expeditions and discoveries). Copy digitized has hand-written letter from the author, on Harvard College Observatory letterhead, pasted in between front cover and flyleaf.
Open Collections Program at Harvard University
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John G. Wolbach Library, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Widener Library, Harvard University
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