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Original zoological drawings and plates, 1830-1880 (bulk), box 2, folder 5a: Zoological drawings and plates, box 2, folder 5a

Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873
Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910
Blake, James Henry, 1845-1941
Burkhardt, Jacques, -1867
Weber, C., ill.
Dinkel, Joseph.
Hassler Expedition (1871-1872)
Albatross Expedition (1904-1905)
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Transcribed from original typed labels: Box 1, folders 1a-c. Drawings by: Delay; Agassiz watercolors of shallow tropical [specimens]; [Jacques] Burkhardt: pencil & color echinoids & oph. -- folders 2a-c. Drawings by [Alexander] Agassiz: Albatross Expedition watercolors; Burkhardt: color Key West specimens; [C]. Weber; Diekmann: pen & pencil echinoids; Delay; [Joseph] Dinkel; Wallinger -- folders 3a-b. Letters: Agassiz's description of Cidaris marginata, C. clanigera, C. antigua, C. tripterygia, C. veronensis; water color cidaroid; [James Henry] Blake's drawings from Hassler Expedition; [C]. Weber: color Clypeasteroids -- Box 2, folders 4a-b. Plates of Asteroid; a lot: Scyphozoa (Haliclystus auricula); Diadema & Lovenia photos -- folders 5a-c. Plates of Hydra, sponge, starfish embryology; Albatross Expedition & Ctenophore larvae -- folders 6a-b. Amateur pencil & pen.
1 linear ft. (2 boxes)
Scientific illustrations.
Pictorial works
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Zoology--Pictorial works
Original zoological drawings and plates, 1830-1880. Spec. Coll. Archives ARC 237. Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
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Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
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