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Charles Pickering drawings and lists, ca. 1824-1849: Coleoptera of the U.S. exploring expedition

Pickering, Charles, 1805-1878, creator
United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842)
50 ink and watercolor drawings of insects from both the Americas, Australia, and several Pacific Ocean islands, as well as lists of specimens collected on the U. S. Expedition, 1838-1842.|This collection includes: 50 drawings repesenting Pickering's very early drawing book (1824), which were done in his youth when he was 19 or 20 years old. There is an 1824 date on one of the back pages. Manuscript note inside front cover: "This collection of insects & butterflies, many executed from life, is the work of Dr. Charles Pickering in his youth. SSP" [Sarah Stoddard Hammond Pickering, his wife].|The autograph manuscript lists in the collection are of various species representing later dates from the drawings. Many of the lists were transcribed later, one includes a note: "Member of U. S. Expedition drawings (fish) for Prof. Agassiz Oct. 1849 ... C.P." Also includes earlier lists from the expedition that were not collected by Pickering, as well as his list entitled: Coleoptera of the U.S. exploring expedition, 1847 [date list was transcribed].
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1 volume (.2 linear ft.)
government publication
Drawings-American-19th century.
Harvard graduates' papers.
Watercolors-United States-19th century.
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Books and documents
Insects--New Zealand
Insects--South America
Loose leaves in hardbound cover.
Charles Pickering Drawings and Lists (MS Am 1290). Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Pickering was a physician and a naturalist. He was a member of the Harvard College Class of 1823 but transferred to the Harvard Medical School and received an MD in 1826. In 1849 he was granted the AB with the Class of 1823. In 1827 he settled in Philadelphia where he practiced medicine and began active work with the Academy of Natural Sciences. He was appointed chief zoologist of the United States Exploring Expedition from 1838-1842. After this and other voyages, he made his home in Boston in May of 1845.
In English.
Open Collections Program at Harvard University
Houghton Library, Harvard University
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