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Agassiz letter books, 1859-1910, v.15: Agassiz letterbooks, v.15: Agassiz letter copybooks, v.15: Agassiz letter copy books, v.15: Agassiz letters copybooks, v.15: Alexander Agassiz letter books, v.15: Louis Agassiz letter books, v.15

Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910, creator
Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873
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No place, unknown, or undetermined
15 v. in 14 boxes.
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Books and documents
v. 1. Alexander Agassiz field journal; letters, 30 Nov. 1859 - 2 Oct. 1860 -- v. 2. Alexander Agassiz and Louis Agassiz letters, 19 July 1860 - 22 May 1864 -- v. 3. Alexander Agassiz and Louis Agassiz letters, 21 May 1864 - 5 May 1865 -- v. 4. Alexander Agassiz and Louis Agassiz letters, 18 June 1866 - 30 July 1868 -- v. 5. Alexander Agassiz and Louis Agassiz letters, 7 Nov. 1868 - 9 Apr. 1879 -- v. 6. Louis Agassiz letters, 4 Nov. 1870 - 4 Oct. 1871 -- v. 7. Alexander Agassiz letters, 9 Apr. 1879 - 4 June 1883 -- v. 8. Alexander Agassiz letters, 1 Nov. 1880 - 14 Sept. 1885 -- v. 9. Alexander Agassiz letters, 22 Sept. 1885 - 11 Nov. 1886 -- v. 10. Alexander Agassiz letters, 23 June 1886 - 2 Apr. 1889 -- v. 11. Alexander Agassiz letters, 1 Apr. 1889 - 26 Dec. 1891 -- v. 12. Alexander Agassiz letters, 19 Jan. 1892 - 4 Jan. 1895 -- v. 13. Alexander Agassiz letters, 7 Jan. 1895 - 29 May 1900 -- v. 14. Alexander Agassiz letters, 2 June 1900 - 27 Sept. 1904 -- v. 15. Alexander Agassiz letters, 29 Sept. 1904 - 4 May 1910.
Agassiz, Alexander--Correspondence
Agassiz, Louis--Correspondence
Alexander, W. D. (William De Witt)--Correspondence
Allen, George N--Correspondence
Allen, Harrison--Correspondence
Allen, J. A. (Joel Asaph)--Correspondence
Allman, George James--Correspondence
Andrew, John A. (John Albion)--Correspondence
Anthony, John Gould--Correspondence
Arago, Emmanuel--Correspondence
Arango y Molina, Rafael--Correspondence
Atwood, N. E--Correspondence
Ayme, Louis Henri--Correspondence
Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas)--Correspondence
Bain, Francis--Correspondence
Baird, Spencer Fullerton--Correspondence
Barbosa du Bocage, J. V. (José Vicente)--Correspondence
Barkas, Thomas P. (Thomas Pallister)--Correspondence
Barrande, Joachim--Correspondence
Barris, W. H--Correspondence
Bartlett, John Russell--Correspondence
Bastian, H. Charlton--Correspondence
Bean, Tarleton H. (Tarleton Hoffman)--Correspondence
Beneden, Édouard van--Correspondence
Bentham, George--Correspondence
Bertram, John--Correspondence
Bessels, Emil--Correspondence
Bierstadt, Albert--Correspondence
Billings, E. (Elkanah)--Correspondence
Billings, John S. (John Shaw)--Correspondence
Blanchard, Emile--Correspondence
Bliss, Richard--Correspondence
Boas, J. E. V. (Johan Erik Vesti)--Correspondence
Boutelle, C. O. (Charles Otis)--Correspondence
Brady, Henry Bowman--Correspondence
Braun, Alexander--Correspondence
Breda, Jacob Gijsbertus Samuël van--Correspondence
Brewster, A. O--Correspondence
Brewster, William--Correspondence
Brigham, William Tufts--Correspondence
Brook, George--Correspondence
Bushee, James--Correspondence
Butschli, O. (Otto)--Correspondence
Campiche, G--Correspondence
Capellini, Giovanni--Correspondence
Carpenter, P. Herbert (Philip Herbert)--Correspondence
Carpenter, Philip P. (Philip Pearsall)--Correspondence
Carpenter, William Benjamin--Correspondence
Carus, Julius Victor--Correspondence
Cary, Thomas G--Correspondence
Casey, Thos. L. (Thomas Lincoln)--Correspondence
Chadbourne, Paul A. (Paul Ansel)--Correspondence
Chandler, Charles Frederick--Correspondence
Charnay, Désiré--Correspondence
Chase, Salmon P. (Salmon Portland)--Correspondence
Chavannes, Auguste--Correspondence
Chenery, Winthrop W--Correspondence
Chester, Colby Mitchell--Correspondence
Christern, Frederick W--Correspondence
Claflin, William--Correspondence
Claparède, René-Édouard--Correspondence
Clark, Elizabeth Hodges--Correspondence
Clark, Henry James--Correspondence
Clark, John Willis--Correspondence
Clark, William Smith--Correspondence
Clarke, Edward H. (Edward Hammond)--Correspondence
Colonna, B. A. (Benjamin Allison)--Correspondence
Cooke, Caleb--Correspondence
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson--Correspondence
Cope, E. D. (Edward Drinker)--Correspondence
Cornalia, Emilio--Correspondence
Cotta, Bernhard von--Correspondence
Cotteau, Gustave--Correspondence
Coues, Elliott--Correspondence
Coutinho, João Martins da Silva--Correspondence
Credner, Hermann--Correspondence
Cresson, E. T. (Ezra Townsend)--Correspondence
Cunningham, J. T. (Joseph Thomas)--Correspondence
Dagincourt, Emmanuel--Correspondence
Dall, William Healey--Correspondence
Damon, Robert--Correspondence
Dana, James Dwight--Correspondence
Danforth, Allen--Correspondence
Danielssen, D. C. (Daniel Cornelius)--Correspondence
Darwin, Charles--Correspondence
Davis, Charles Henry--Correspondence
Dawson, John William
Day, Fisk Holbrook--Correspondence
De Filippi, Filippo--Correspondence
Deshayes, G. P. (Gérard Paul)--Correspondence
Deyrolle, Émile--Correspondence
Dix, John A. (John Adams)--Correspondence
Dohrn, Anton--Correspondence
Dohrn, Heinrich--Correspondence
Dollfus, Gustave Frédéric--Correspondence
Duchassaing de Fonbressin, Placide--Correspondence
Duméril, Auguste Henri André--Correspondence
Duncan, P. Martin (Peter Martin)--Correspondence
Dupont, Édouard--Correspondence
Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarence Edward)--Correspondence
Dwight, Thomas--Correspondence
Ebray, Theophile--Correspondence
Ecker, Alexander--Correspondence
Edwards, Arthur M. (Arthur Mead)--Correspondence
Edwards, Ernest--Correspondence
Edwards, Henry--Correspondence
Edwards, William H. (William Henry)--Correspondence
Egerton, Philip de Malpas Grey
Ehlers, Ernst--Correspondence
Eliot, Charles William--Correspondence
Emmerton, J. H--Correspondence
Enniskillen, William Willoughby Cole
Etheridge, Robert
Eyerman, John--Correspondence
Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson)--Correspondence
Favre, Alphonse--Correspondence
Faxon, Walter--Correspondence
Fay, Franklin Brigham--Correspondence
Fernald, C. H. (Charles Henry)--Correspondence
Fitch, Asa--Correspondence
Fletcher, James C. (James Cooley)--Correspondence
Flower, William Henry--Correspondence
Folin, Alexandre Guillaume Leopold
Fraas, Oscar--Correspondence
Fraipont, Julien--Correspondence
Frauenfeld, Georg
Frič, Antonín--Correspondence
Garrett, Andrew--Correspondence
Garrison, Wendell Phillips--Correspondence
Gaudry, Albert--Correspondence
Gegenbaur, C. (Carl)--Correspondence
Geinitz, Hanns Bruno--Correspondence
Gibbs, Wolcott--Correspondence
Gilbert, Grove Karl--Correspondence
Gill, Theodore--Correspondence
Gilman, Daniel C. (Daniel Coit)--Correspondence
Goodale, George L. (George Lincoln)--Correspondence
Goode, G. Brown (George Brown)--Correspondence
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp--Correspondence
Graff, Ludwig von--Correspondence
Gray, John Edward--Correspondence
Green, George K--Correspondence
Grote, Augustus Radcliffe--Correspondence
Grube, Adolph Eduard--Correspondence
Günther, Albert C. L. G. (Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf)--Correspondence
Gurney, Ephraim Whitman--Correspondence
Guyot, A. (Arnold)--Correspondence
Haast, Julius von--Correspondence
Haeberlein, Ernst--Correspondence
Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philipp August--Correspondence
Hagen, Hermann August--Correspondence
Hall, Asaph
Hall, Charles Francis--Correspondence
Hall, James--Correspondence
Hamlin, Charles Edward--Correspondence
Hancock, Albany--Correspondence
Hartt, Charles Frederick--Correspondence
Haven, Gilbert--Correspondence
Heco, Joseph--Correspondence
Hector, James
Heer, Oswald--Correspondence
Heilprin, Angelo--Correspondence
Henry, Joseph--Correspondence
Herbert, Hilary A. (Hilary Abner)--Correspondence
Hilgard, J. E. (Julius Erasmus)--Correspondence
Hill, Thomas--Correspondence
Hitch, Henry F--Correspondence
Hoar, George Frisbie--Correspondence
Hoeven, Jan van der--Correspondence
Hooper, Edward William--Correspondence
Hooper, Samuel--Correspondence
Horn, George Henry--Correspondence
Howells, William Dean--Correspondence
Hubbard, Gardiner G. (Gardiner Greene)--Correspondence
Hulst, George D. (George Duryea)--Correspondence
Hume, Allan Octavian--Correspondence
Huxley, Thomas Henry--Correspondence
Hyatt, Alpheus--Correspondence
Hyde, Charles McEwen--Correspondence
Hyrtl, Joseph--Correspondence
Imhoff, Ludwig--Correspondence
Jan, G. (Giorgio)--Correspondence
Jarvis, Edward--Correspondence
Jones, J. Matthew (John Matthew)--Correspondence
Joubin, L. (Louis)--Correspondence
Kappeler, Tobias--Correspondence
Kaup, J. J. (Johann Jacob)--Correspondence
Keferstein, Wilhelm Moritz--Correspondence
King, Clarence--Correspondence
Kirtland, J. P. (Jared Potter)--Correspondence
Kner, Rudolf--Correspondence
Koninck, L. G. de (Laurent Guillaume)--Correspondence
Kovalevskiĭ, A. O. (Aleksandr Onufrievich)--Correspondence
Krauss, Ferdinand von--Correspondence
Krefft, Gerard--Correspondence
Lacaze-Duthiers, Henri de--Correspondence
Lankester, E. Ray (Edwin Ray)
Lawrence, George Newbold--Correspondence
Layard, Edgar Leopold--Correspondence
LeConte, John L. (John Lawrence)--Correspondence
Leidy, Joseph--Correspondence
Lendenfeld, R. von (Robert)--Correspondence
Léotaud, Antoine--Correspondence
Lesquereux, Leo--Correspondence
Leuckart, Rudolf--Correspondence
Liljeborg, Wilhelm--Correspondence
Lindenkohl, A--Correspondence
Lindström, Gustaf--Correspondence
Lockyer, Norman
Loriol-Le Fort, Perceval de--Correspondence
Lowell, John Amory--Correspondence
Lütken, Chr. Fr. (Christian Frederik)--Correspondence
Lyell, Charles
Lyman, Theodore--Correspondence
Lyon, Sidney S. (Sidney Smith)--Correspondence
Maack, G. August (George August)--Correspondence
Malmgren, Anders Johan--Correspondence
Mann, B. Pickman (Benjamin Pickman)--Correspondence
Marcou, Jules--Correspondence
Marcy, Henry O. (Henry Orlando)--Correspondence
Mark, E. L. (Edward Laurens)--Correspondence
Marsh, Othniel Charles--Correspondence
Martens, Eduard von--Correspondence
Martins, Charles--Correspondence
Masson, Victor--Correspondence
Mayor, Auguste--Correspondence
McCoy, Frederick--Correspondence
M'Intosh, William Carmichael--Correspondence
Meek, F. B. (Fielding Bradford)--Correspondence
Meinert, Frederik Vilhelm August--Correspondence
Merian, Peter--Correspondence
Metchnikoff, Elie--Correspondence
Michelin, Hardouin--Correspondence
Milne-Edwards, Alphonse--Correspondence
Milne-Edwards, H. (Henri)--Correspondence
Mitchell, Henry--Correspondence
Moore, Thomas John--Correspondence
Morgan, Lewis Henry--Correspondence
Morris, John G. (John Gottlieb)--Correspondence
Morse, Edward Sylvester--Correspondence
Moseley, H. N. (Henry Nottidge)--Correspondence
Mueller, Ferdinand von--Correspondence
Müller, August--Correspondence
Müller, Fritz--Correspondence
Murray, John
Newberry, J. S. (John Strong)--Correspondence
Newton, Alfred--Correspondence
Niles, William H. (William Harmon)--Correspondence
Osborn, Henry Fairfield--Correspondence
Osten-Sacken, C. R. (Carl Robert)--Correspondence
Otis, Amos--Correspondence
Oustalet, Emile--Correspondence
Owen, Richard--Correspondence
Packard, A. S. (Alpheus Spring)--Correspondence
Panceri, Paolo--Correspondence
Patterson, C. P. (Carlile Pollock)--Correspondence
Peckham, George W. (George Williams)--Correspondence
Peirce, Benjamin--Correspondence
Pepper, William--Correspondence
Perrier, Edmond--Correspondence
Petermann, August--Correspondence
Peters, Wilhelm C. H. (Wilhelm C. Hartwig)--Correspondence
Philippi, Rodolfo Amando--Correspondence
Pictet, François Jules--Correspondence
Pike, Nicholas--Correspondence
Place, Edward R--Correspondence
Playfair, R. Lambert (Robert Lambert)
Poey, Felipe--Correspondence
Powell, John Wesley--Correspondence
Prime, Temple--Correspondence
Putnam, F. W. (Frederic Ward)--Correspondence
Rathbun, Richard--Correspondence
Ravenel, St. Julien--Correspondence
Redtenbacher, Ludwig--Correspondence
Reinhardt, J. (Johannes)--Correspondence
Renevier, E. (Eugène)--Correspondence
Rich, J. G--Correspondence
Richiardi, Sebastiano--Correspondence
Rigacci, Jean--Correspondence
Riley, Charles V. (Charles Valentine)--Correspondence
Rominger, Carl--Correspondence
Roosevelt, Theodore--Correspondence
Rosenhauer, Wilhelm Gottlob--Correspondence
Sars, G. O. (Georg Ossian)--Correspondence
Sars, M. (Michael)--Correspondence
Schimper, Wilhelm-Philippe--Correspondence
Schlegel, H. (Hermann)--Correspondence
Schmarda, Ludwig K. (Ludwig Karl)--Correspondence
Schmidt, (Eduard Oskar)
Schneider, Anton Friedrich--Correspondence
Schramm, Alphonse--Correspondence
Schultze, Ludwig--Correspondence
Sclater, Philip Lutley--Correspondence
Scudder, Samuel Hubbard--Correspondence
Sedgwick, Adam--Correspondence
Seeley, H. G. (Harry Govier)--Correspondence
Seguenza, Giuseppe--Correspondence
Selenka, Emil--Correspondence
Selfridge, T. O. (Thomas Oliver)--Correspondence
Semper, C. (Carl)--Correspondence
Seward, William H. (William Henry)--Correspondence
Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate--Correspondence
Shumard, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin)--Correspondence
Siebold, C. Th. E. von (Carl Th. Ernst)--Correspondence
Sigsbee, Charles D. (Charles Dwight)--Correspondence
Silliman, Benjamin--Correspondence
Smith, Eugene Allen--Correspondence
Smith, Sidney Lawton--Correspondence
Smith, T. C. H. (Thomas Church Haskell)--Correspondence
Smitt, Fredrik Adam--Correspondence
Sollas, W. J. (William Johnson)--Correspondence
Squier, E. G. (Ephraim George)--Correspondence
St. John, Orestes Henry--Correspondence
Steindachner, Franz--Correspondence
Sternberg, Charles H. (Charles Hazelius)--Correspondence
Stimpson, William--Correspondence
Stock, Thomas--Correspondence
Stone, Livingston--Correspondence
Stoppani, Antonio--Correspondence
Sumner, Charles--Correspondence
Sykes, (William Henry)
Terrell, Jay--Correspondence
Thayer, Nathaniel--Correspondence
Théel, Hjalmar--Correspondence
Theobald, W. (William)--Correspondence
Thieme, Otto--Correspondence
Thiers, Adolphe--Correspondence
Thomson, C. Wyville (Charles Wyville)
Ticknor, George--Correspondence
Tolles, Robert B--Correspondence
Topinard, Paul--Correspondence
Toro, Pedro M--Correspondence
Uhler, Philip R. (Philip Reese)--Correspondence
Vaillant, Léon--Correspondence
Verrill, A. E. (Addison Emery)--Correspondence
Wachsmuth, Charles--Correspondence
Walcott, Charles D. (Charles Doolittle)--Correspondence
Walsh, B. D. (Benjamin Dann)--Correspondence
Ward, Henry A. (Henry Augustus)--Correspondence
Wells, David A. (David Ames)--Correspondence
Wheatland, Henry--Correspondence
Whipple, Edwin Percy--Correspondence
White, Andrew Dickson--Correspondence
Whitman, Charles Otis--Correspondence
Whitney, J. D. (Josiah Dwight)--Correspondence
Wilder, Burt G. (Burt Green)--Correspondence
Wilkes, Charles--Correspondence
Wilson, Henry--Correspondence
Winchell, Alexander--Correspondence
Winsor, Justin--Correspondence
Worthen, Amos Henry--Correspondence
Wright, Charles--Correspondence
Wright, E. Perceval (Edward Perceval)--Correspondence
Yandell, Louise E--Correspondence
Zeiss, Carl--Correspondence
Zittel, Karl Alfred von--Correspondence
Boyd & Hincken--Correspondence
Naturalists--United States--Correspondence
Primarily manuscript letters, specimen lists and notes written by Alexander and Louis Agassiz; see "Index to the microfilms of the Agassiz letter books," bound in looseleaf shelved adjacent to microfilms in Ernst Mayr Library Reference Room.
The letter from Louis Agassiz to Charles Darwin (written in Nahant, Mass., 22 July 1868) is in v. 4, leaf 170 (verso at right) and leaf 169 (left and right).
Agassiz, Alexander. Agassiz letter books, 1859-1910. Spec. Coll. MCZ F890. Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Open Collections Program at Harvard University
Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
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