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United States South Seas Exploring Expedition (aka the Wilkes Expedition), 1838–1842

To safeguard American whalers, sealers, and shipping operators, the US Congress authorized the United States South Seas Exploring Expedition in 1836. The authorization established a naval squadron, commanded by Lt. Charles Wilkes, that surveyed the Pacific Ocean and the South Seas, and eventually circumnavigated the globe. The squadron included a small corps of civilian scientists, who made observations and collected specimens and artifacts during the four-year expedition.

Lt. Wilkes provided his vivid accounts of the expedition in his 1844 narrative. Between 1844 and 1872, Wilkes oversaw the publication of 14 additional volumes containing his own nautical surveys and descriptions, provided by the scientists, of ethnographic objects and biological specimens (destined for the developing Smithsonian Institute). Notable among these supplemental volumes are Asa Gray’s Phanerogamia; James Dwight Dana’s three reports Zoophytes (1846), Geology (1849), and Crustacea (1852–1853); and Charles Wilkes’s Meteorology (1851) and Hydrography (1858).

Selected Manuscripts and Records in Expeditions and Discoveries


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