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[Nikāḥ] : manuscript, ca. 1894: Vārtā:sataīmāje:roje:maulā:alījī: Dhûā:mādhan:nā:ćhāṭānī: Kalmûñ:nañdho: Kalmûñ:moṭo

Pīr Ḥasan Kabīr ad-Dīn, 1341-1449, creator
Pīr Imām Shāh, 1430-1512
Marriage ritual in Arabic, the Story of the fast of Satī Mā also known as the fast of Maulā ʻAlī, a Prayer to be recited during ceremony for the forgiveness of sin on the Great Day (the Day of Judgement), the short kalimah or testimony of faith and the long kalimah.
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1 v. (40 leaves) : ill.
Early works to 1800
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Local paper. Pages slightly discolored; otherwise no significant damage.
23 x 18 cm. (18 x 15 cm.).
Written in black ink, 12-14 lines per page. Colored ink for illustrations.
Single section sewn through fold, square leather guards on inside fold; leather covers.
With: Vārtā:sataīmāje:roje:maulā:alījī ; Dhûā:mādhan:nā:ćhāṭānī ; Kalmûñ:nañdho ; Kalmûñ:moṭo.
Prior owner Khoja Karimbhoy Rawji Mathapoor of [number 12 vāṇī?]. Collected from ther Aga Khan Jamat.
MS Indic 2534. Houghton Library, Harvard University.
In Arabic and Gujarati in Khojki script.
Microfilm. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Library Microreproduction Service, 1988-1990. negative ; 35 mm.
Electronic reproduction. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard College Library Digital Imaging Group, 2008. (Open Collections Program at Harvard University. Islamic Heritage Project).
Microfilm. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard College Library Imaging Services, uuuu. 35 mm.
Open Collections Program at Harvard University
Master Microforms, Harvard University
Microforms, Lamont Library, Harvard University
Houghton Library, Harvard University
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