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Satgûr:jo:salûko : manuscript, 1890?

Pīr Shams, -1356, creator
Pīr Imām Shāh, 1430-1512
Pīr Satgūr Bhirmā.
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Place Of Origin:
1 v. (354 leaves)
Indic languages
Early works to 1800
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Books and documents
Ismailites--Early works to 1800
Indic literature--Early works to 1800
South Asian literature--Early works to 1800
Religious literature--Early works to 1800
Islamic sects--Early works to 1800
Ismaili literature--Early works to 1800
Local paper.
31 x 21 cm. (27-28 x 16-17 cm.).
Single section sewn through fold as well as around head and tail of the text; long single leather guard on inside fold, reddish brown leather covers, embossed with designs; detached from ms.
Written in black ink, 18-20 lines per page.
Ms. imperfect: last folio(s) missing, folios in poor condition, especially along binding edge; some water-stained; ff. 351-352 detached; attempts to patch damage folios.
In various Indic languages in Khojki script.
Microfilm. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard College Library Imaging Services, uuuu. 35 mm.
Microfilm. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Library Microreproduction Service, 1988-1990. negative ; 35 mm.
Electronic reproduction. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard College Library Digital Imaging Group, 2008. (Open Collections Program at Harvard University. Islamic Heritage Project).
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MS Indic 2534. Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Open Collections Program at Harvard University
Microforms, Lamont Library, Harvard University
Houghton Library, Harvard University
Master Microforms, Harvard University
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